Quality Assurance and Improvement Program

Mission Statement

Layered Solution's Quality Assurance and Improvement Program empowers correctional agency clients to conduct their own perpetual internal auditing and corrective action, eliminating the need for costly and repetitive assessments and interventions by external entities. By taking ownership of their own quality assurance and improvement program functions, correctional clients preserve their autonomy within available resource and government environments, while maintaining high industry standards.

Layers of Excellence

Layered Solutions creates internal auditing systems for correctional agencies to perpetually monitor their own performance, consistent with high correctional standards.

Assess Client Needs

Assess the agency’s unique needs, resources, and current auditing practices.

Identify Vital Functions

Collaborate with the agency’s subject matter experts to identify vital functions.

Perform Risk-Analysis

Perform risk-analysis; analyze existing internal systems of control; create inspection guidelines.

Conduct Inspections

Train agency staff to perform inspections and identify adverse findings.

Corrective Action Plans

- Execute corrective action plans to avoid reoccurrence of deficiencies.