Paul Layer, Owner, Layered Solutions LLC

As the owner of Layered Solutions LLC, Paul is a licensed attorney bringing over 28 years of federal corrections experience from his career with the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), of the United States Department of Justice (DOJ). Paul’s most recent position was Deputy Assistant Director (a Senior Executive Service appointment) in the Program Review Division of BOP’s headquarters in Washington, DC. As Deputy, Paul oversaw the agency’s nationwide internal auditing program, including both BOP and private prison contract facilities, and was the agency’s representative during DOJ Office of Inspector General audits and reviews. Paul also oversaw the agency’s initial and re-accreditation activities by the American Correctional Association (ACA), and under the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA).

As a licensed attorney, Paul also served as agency counsel at various BOP locations, including BOP's Headquarters in Washington, D.C. ; Mid-Atlantic Regional Office, MD; and prison facilities onsite at Beaumont, TX, and Cumberland, MD. As Chief of the Legislative and Correctional Issues Branch, Central Office, Paul was personally responsible for drafting and revising federal regulations and internal agency policies ranging from inmate discipline to involuntary administration of psychotropic medication to civil commitment of sexually dangerous persons, and many others. In all these roles, Paul provided expert level training and ongoing implementation guidance and assistance.

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Current Projects:

- Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reentry – Creating and implementing an internal Quality Assurance & Improvement Program.

John Harrington

A sub-contractor with Layered Solutions LLC, John brings 31 years of BOP career experience in corrections. For the past 16 years, John led auditing teams, or participated as examiner, on over 400 reviews of BOP and private prison facilities, including ACA initial and re-accreditations. As an experienced corrections examiner, John excelled in both creating and updating BOP’s auditing guidelines and inspection practices. While in BOP's Headquarters in Washington, D.C. , John was widely utilized as an expert trainer for new examiners, as well as BOP Unit Managers, Case Managers, Case Management Coordinators, Correctional Systems Supervisors, and others.

Prior to becoming a Lead Examiner, John worked onsite at several BOP facilities (New York, NY; Ft. Dix, NJ; Otisville, NY) as a Unit Manager, Case Manager, and Legal Instruments Examiner. John holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, as well as a New York State Paralegal Certification. As an experienced BOP Lead Examiner, John routinely supervised inspections within, and beyond, his core discipline of inmate programming and management, including, for example, custody and security, education, religious services, human resources, financial management, and others.


From Satisfied Clients!!

"I've worked with Paul for many years on diverse initiatives. Paul's action-oriented approach to projects provides leaders tools they can use immediately to improve practices and procedures in their correctional facilities."

- Chris "Ike" Eichenlaub
Former Deputy Director
Federal Bureau of Prisons

"I’ve worked with Paul for over two decades. He is a gifted attorney; exceptionally skilled at writing policies that are clear, concise, and easily grasped and implemented by staff. All his work products – from policies to talking points, guidance memos to training materials – were timely, thorough, and very helpful."

- Kathleen M. Kenney
Former General Counsel
Federal Bureau of Prisons

"Paul and his team at Layered Solutions provided professional and knowledgeable services that were efficient, timely, effective, and exceeded expectations. Their participation at every phase, and anticipation of agency needs, were the keys to positive results, which included the initiation of 360-degree audits. Their correctional expertise supported the Department's continuous improvement philosophy, and enhanced transparency and accountability for successful rehabilitation and re-entry outcomes."

David Shinn
Director (Ret.)
Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation, and Re-Entry